Diesi 101.3 FM & Los Mujeros

Lately, since I feel a bit of nostalgy of Greece, I listen to this radio station quite often:

Radio Diesi 101.3 FM


So far I know, they broadcast from Athens and they play both Greek and international music.

One song that I discovered thanks to this radio station and that I really like, is the following:

According to their profile in Facebook, Los Mujeros “is a swing-balkan collectiva formed in the attic by students in 2007. Strongly influenced by the traditional multicultural sound of northern Balkan areas everything started as a teenage dream to create fundamentally handmade music ‘’synchronized’’ to the standards of the 21st century.”



And time goes on…

Today is the 4th day I am on sickleave… so strange to be at home the whole day…

Just listened to this some minutes ago on the radio. Really famous song, but I did not know the singer, Matthieu Boré:

On the way to work… a year ago

As I mentioned before, I lived for 9 months in Athens, Greece.

I used to take the bus number 10 to go to work, which gave me around 20 minutes to listen to music while watching the city, the traffic, the people.

I used to listen to Greek radio stations and at the time, they used to play this song quite a bit:

And this (which I believe is a bit old):

Gioconda’s Smile by Manos Hatzidakis

Long time has passed by since last time I updated this blog.

If I recall well, last time I wrote something here I was in Spain. After that, I moved to Athens, Greece, and from there (unfortunately, I would say) I moved to Prague. All due to work.

In Athens I only spent 9 months but now I can see that for some reason, it has had a great impact on my life.

I will come back to my Athens and Greece’s memories in future posts.

Now I will say goodnight with this album by Greek composer Manos Hatzidakis.

Enjoy it and kalinixta!

Music Day!

I almost forgot another thing that is being celebrated today!

Over here in Spain (and I know that in France it is celebrated as well) the 21st June is also the day of the music.

Do you know Gabrielle Aplin? Well, I think these days she is in Spain. I guess she is promoting her latest album called “English Rain”.

One of my favourite songs from this album, “Home”:

Very touching, isn’t it?

Another sunny day!

People, 11th June and finally the sun is shining and it will get warmer and warmer during the week! And to celebrate it, I would like to share this song, that I discovered thanks to a Spanish radio programme (it is called “La ventana” and it is broadcasted from 16 to 20 pm from Monday to Friday) in which this song is used to introduce one of their sections.

More info on “La ventana”: http://www.cadenaser.com/la-ventana/

Carmen Maki – Toki Niwa Haha No Nai Ko No Youni

Another brief post before going to bed.

During my 4 years in Italy, I have had the chance to study Japanese for a year and a half, but unfortunately, since I haven’t used it much, I have forgotten much of what I have learnt. I love foreign languages, and I see them like plants; if you don’t water and look after them, they end up dying…

I just found this song by chance. It sounds a bit sad maybe, but I like it.

Here you can read the article in which I found about this song, and you can also listen to other Japanese pop songs!


I hope you like them!

Good night!

Summer just round the corner… or maybe not!

While I am writing this, it is pouring down again… We are all wondering what’s going on with the weather this year, it is as if there have been 3 winters with a lot of rain in a row! People can’t wait for the summer to come!

By chance, I came across Estrella Damm’s new summer campaign video. In case you are wondering, Estrella Damm is a beer brand from Barcelona, Spain and in the latest years, it has become a tradition that when the summer is about to start, they launch a new video, focusing on elements such the sun, the Mediterranean landscapes, the food, the music and  of course, the beer as an excuse to celebrate the concepts of friendship, love and sharing a good time with the beloved ones, which are really important in the Mediterranean culture.

(Oh dear, this got pretty intellectual… anyway, just my opinion!)

This year, the soundtrack of the campaign is by Love of a Lesbian, a group from Barcelona. I really like the song!

More info on Estrella Damm: http://www.estrelladamm.com/

More info on Love of a Lesbian: http://blogoflesbian.com/

Summer 2013:

Summer 2012:

Summer 2011:

Summer 2010:

Summer 2009:

Radio Crème Brûlée

I know, I know… I haven’t written for such a long time… sometimes life gets hectic…

Some weeks ago, I just discovered this radio station online, and I am just lovin’ it! It is located on the other side of the pond, in Boston, MA (USA) and as they claim, it is “an internet radio station that showcases an eclectic assortment of pop/rock music from both sides of the Atlantic alongside guilty pleasures, forgotten gems, and radio staples from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.”

Besides re-listening many songs from my younger years (oh, sweet memories…), I am also discovering new bands or totally unknown groups (to me!) from the past… for a music lover like me, this is heaven!

In case you got curious, just go to: http://www.radiocremebrulee.com/

One of my favourite songs that they are playing these days: