DIY Show: 1st International Craft Fair

Lately, my sister is really into crafts. She creates little things (mostly brooches) made with felt and fabric and little by little she is improving and mastering her skills. Soon she will dare to craft other different things.

(In case you are curious, she has a page on Facebook: Feel free to like the page! I think I will try to create a blog for her soon! She sells the little brooches she crafts, so if you see something that you like, don’t be shy and ask her!)

Anyway, let’s get to the point. She was really looking forward to attending a craft fair in Madrid (in Santiago Bernabéu Stadium! Yes, Real Madrid’s stadium!), so I went with her.

The fair was called “DIY Show”:

Most of the craftspeople were young and had turned their hobby into a little business. I was really impressed. We got the chance to talk to some of them and they were really nice people.

2013-05-26 DIYSHOW26mayo2013

Here you can see items made by Lady Desidia ( ), which I personally really liked, especially the lamps. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much money with me. Maybe in the future, when I have a job again, I will buy some things! My sister did buy some postcards.

2013-05-26 DIYSHOW26mayo20132

On this picture, you can see other products crafted by other people. In case you are curious, have a look at these sites:

Balocco & Bambola:


Sweet Sixteen (Craft Store):

Cayena Blanca:

En las nubes:




Mi mundo:

Tela llevas:

Noelia Contreras:

Miss Cakes & Cocktails:

New Donsi:

There were many more craftpeople, but unfortunately, I didn’t get the business card of all of them.

2013-05-27 relojdiy

This is the only thing I bought. Lovely, isn’t it? The brand is called Katzoo (you can find more items here: )


I also really liked this one. More info :

The next craft fair DIY will be held around Christmas. I will keep you posted!