Diesi 101.3 FM & Los Mujeros

Lately, since I feel a bit of nostalgy of Greece, I listen to this radio station quite often:

Radio Diesi 101.3 FM


So far I know, they broadcast from Athens and they play both Greek and international music.

One song that I discovered thanks to this radio station and that I really like, is the following:

According to their profile in Facebook, Los Mujeros “is a swing-balkan collectiva formed in the attic by students in 2007. Strongly influenced by the traditional multicultural sound of northern Balkan areas everything started as a teenage dream to create fundamentally handmade music ‘’synchronized’’ to the standards of the 21st century.”



And time goes on…

Today is the 4th day I am on sickleave… so strange to be at home the whole day…

Just listened to this some minutes ago on the radio. Really famous song, but I did not know the singer, Matthieu Boré:

To value ourselves

Again, times flies and I cannot remember the last time I was able to write here.

In the last months I feel as if I were in an internal journey inside myself. I know I am not the only one.

Don’t give, my friends!

small step

In this journey, one of the most important things that I have learnt is that you have to value yourself and care about yourself and, yep, love yourself, because basically, there are people out there that unfortunately will do their best to undervalue you, just because they feel inferior. You have done nothing wrong. They just feel envy.


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