Music Day!

I almost forgot another thing that is being celebrated today!

Over here in Spain (and I know that in France it is celebrated as well) the 21st June is also the day of the music.

Do you know Gabrielle Aplin? Well, I think these days she is in Spain. I guess she is promoting her latest album called “English Rain”.

One of my favourite songs from this album, “Home”:

Very touching, isn’t it?


Welcome Summer!! :)

Ladies and gentlemen, just in case you didn’t realise it, today it is 21st June and that means… summer is here!!! Although honestly it doesn’t really feel like it…



This illustration has been made by M贸nica Carretero.

More info on her and her work here:聽

Where you live, is the beginning of summer celebrated in any way? Please, let me know!

May you have a great summer! 馃檪 Enjoy it!

Save your face!

First of all, I have to say that I cannot complain about my physical appearance in general. I am quite an ordinary person, and for better or worse, I look like 10 years younger that I am actually. That means that being 34, most of people tend to think I am 23-24 (sometimes I have found people who thought I was even younger!), so imagine their shock when the truth comes out… and I don’t know why, it usually embarrassed me.

Having said all this, I also have to tell that I have always had a little problem on my face: blemishes and little and very old acne marks (not that I had a great problem with acne being a teenager). Usually it gets worse when I am under stress or in a dry place (I am from the centre of Spain, so here we have a quite dry climate!).

In the last month, I have modified some of my face beauty routines and it seems my skin in this area has greatly improved.

After having cleaned my face with a gentle face cleanser (I also exfoliate my face once or twice a week), lately I am applying a rich layer of Apivita’s Face Mask with Sea Lavender. I had heard about this brand quite a lot before, but until now, I had not tried any of their products.

I quite like this mask. It leaves your skin really smooth and聽moisturized.

apivita face mask with sea lavender

This mask is paraben, silicone and propylene glycol free, which is great.

After having rinsed off the mask, I apply a little bit of Bio-Oil, which is another product I just discovered recently and it works pretty well.

This oil does not leave your skin oily and it includes聽Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile in addition to Vitamin E and A among its ingredients.

bio-oil skincare

Please, if you are using these products, let me know how they are working with you. Or if you are using other products for the same problem that I have, let me know as well!

More info on Apivita:聽

More info on Bio-Oil:聽

Notice: The pictures of the products in this post belong to Apivita & Bio-Oil websites.

Another sunny day!

People, 11th June and finally the sun is shining and it will get warmer and warmer during the week! And to celebrate it, I would like to share this song, that I discovered thanks to a Spanish radio programme (it is called “La ventana” and it is broadcasted from 16 to 20 pm from Monday to Friday) in which this song is used to introduce one of their sections.

More info on “La ventana”:聽

Carmen Maki – Toki Niwa Haha No Nai Ko No Youni

Another brief post before going to bed.

During my 4 years in Italy, I have had the chance to study Japanese for a year and a half, but unfortunately, since I haven’t used it much, I have forgotten much of what I have learnt. I love foreign languages, and I see them like plants; if you don’t water and look after them, they end up dying…

I just found this song by chance. It sounds a bit sad maybe, but I like it.

Here you can read the article in which I found about this song, and you can also listen to other Japanese pop songs!

I hope you like them!

Good night!