Summer just round the corner… or maybe not!

While I am writing this, it is pouring down again… We are all wondering what’s going on with the weather this year, it is as if there have been 3 winters with a lot of rain in a row! People can’t wait for the summer to come!

By chance, I came across Estrella Damm’s new summer campaign video. In case you are wondering, Estrella Damm is a beer brand from Barcelona, Spain and in the latest years, it has become a tradition that when the summer is about to start, they launch a new video, focusing on elements such the sun, the Mediterranean landscapes, the food, the music and  of course, the beer as an excuse to celebrate the concepts of friendship, love and sharing a good time with the beloved ones, which are really important in the Mediterranean culture.

(Oh dear, this got pretty intellectual… anyway, just my opinion!)

This year, the soundtrack of the campaign is by Love of a Lesbian, a group from Barcelona. I really like the song!

More info on Estrella Damm:

More info on Love of a Lesbian:

Summer 2013:

Summer 2012:

Summer 2011:

Summer 2010:

Summer 2009:


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